Words of the Slot Machine

If poker can speak its own language then a slot machine can say something too.

Before playing slot machines, get acquainted with the terminology used. Let us begin with bonus. It means that several items are for grabs. As player chooses credits are given. Bonus is activated when one gets a combination that forms a winning pattern according to the guidelines.

The light on top of a slot machine is called candle. It will blink continuously when one needs to insert the token or when there are some problems with the machine.

If den is to a group of lions, a group of slot machine is referred to as carousel. The carousel is usually in circle or oval shaped groupings.

The portion of the machine where the payoffs are handed is called the coin hopper. The hopper rotates coins from the inside into a tray that players can get upon touching the cash out button. In cases the hopper is filled, the excess coins are shoved into a drop bucket. The drop box is for high denomination coins and the bucket is for the low valued coins. The casino employees count these drop buckets and boxes at regular basis.

The reels refer to the barrel where symbols are pasted. In modern slot machines reels come in 3's or 5's.

The counting could be on how many pieces of token there it. Or it could be a weight count where tokens or coins are weighed using a scale.

If a player wishes to know the credits, he or she will have to look at the credit meter. The payout from the slot attendant is referred to as hand pay. This happens when the payout goes beyond what the machine contains at that moment maybe because the staff emptied it minutes ago. When the payout is short of what a player is to receive it is called short pay.

The pattern is evaluated through the pay line to determine a winning combination. There are usually 9 pay lines in a classic reel while up to a hundred pay lines in modern slot machines. Rollup music dramatizes the evaluation of the pay lines.

To increase payoffs, a wild symbol is present. It is similar to the wild card concept. And so the wild symbols will assume any other symbols to create a pay line.

If a group of slot machine has only one jackpot to aim for, it is called progressive slots. If the jackpot of one slot machine increases as the number of players playing it increases, it is called progressive jackpot.

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