Have Fun Winning Slot Tournaments against Friends

While winning always proves to be fun, playing tournament slots can also be made enjoyable. Slots tournaments are competitions where participants may pay an entry fee or not and then work their machines for a time with the player earning the highest total awarded as the winner. The usual strategy employed to win a slot tournament is to play as fast as one can.

With that strategy in mind, slot tournaments are usually serious and competitive events, with a lot of hustling and noise. But if one is competing against friends, it would be wise to employ some tactics if one intends to win and have fun at their expense. Before tricking friends, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Concentrate on the Machine Do not remove one's eyes from the slot machine or if absolutely needed, just for a second or two. Instead, force a friend to move his eyes or attention away from the slot machine. Slot tournaments are usually about having the most turns and thus speed is essentially. A delay even for a second would usually mean lesser turns.

Hand speed Since slot machines do not require any skill except luck, hand speed is essentially to increase the number of turns. Serious slot tournament competitors who intend to make their friends intend dust and keep bragging rights for themselves might want to learn exercises techniques that increase hand speed.

Drinking the most number of beers in the least amount of time would hardly increase hand speed. Try boxing. Not only is hand speed enhanced but also hand-eye coordination as well. And if defeated in the slot tournament, one can always resort to street fighting with friends and still win.

Now that individual skills are enhanced, it is time to improve tactics that can be employed against friends. Here are a few suggestions:

Call their Attention One can call the attention of a competing friend while pulling the slot machines lever or waiting for results. Direct their attention to a stunning lady nearby if needed. Trickery is advisable when playing against friends in slot tournaments.

Harass a Friend Trying to fool a friend is bad enough but trying to harass will certainly earn some drawbacks but might be effective in some situations. This tactic is especially helpful if one has associates when using this tactic. Ask another friend to tickle or do anything that will distract him from the slot machine. Of course, be prepared to share the prize of the slot tournament afterwards.

It is always possible to have fun while winning slot tournaments against friends. A few skills can be developed but these are barely decisive. Slot machines hardly require any skill thus using some underhanded tactics might prove helpful. Trickery can be judiciously employed. Everyone gets to laugh.

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