How Not To Lose Everything to Slots

A common fixture in perhaps every casino are slot machines or as they are often called, the slots.

Although slot playing can be a lot of fun, there have been grim incidents in the name of the slots game, not the least among which are emptied pockets. Fortunately, unlike other casino games, slots are programmed to give out prizes only a portion of the coins that players feed into it. No bluffing or guessing games then (like in the case of card games), only a bit of luck and a lot of math if a player does not want to lose all their money.

An aspiring slots player should remember that there are different types of slots, and not all of them are created alike. Among the things that they differ are the games themselves, the jackpot prizes, the denominations, and the coin options.

All slot machines today are electronic and in each have a Random Number Generator, a computer chip that determines the combination that will show up at every spin.

Depending on the machine, slots typically give out from 80% to 98% of the money inside it. While players might rejoice at this thought, it should be noted that payout portion is a long-term affair, which could be as long as the machine operates.

If, for example, a slots machine has been programmed to pay back 90%, it will give out $90,000 for every $100,000. The payouts will generally be done in random and in a fluctuating fashion. Hence, only few slots players will get the big bucks, while the rest are total losers.

While losing is unavoidable (the adage "you win some, you lose some" seems to be always true), a slots player can avoid losing all the time.

A slots player should not forget to read a machine's payouts guide and instruction sheet, which tells you how many coins you have to insert, and/or how many lines should be activated, to qualify for prizes. Read the rules: even if you manage to line up the jackpot symbols, if you don't meet the terms and conditions, you will not get the money.

A player can also take his chance at a machine that that pays back 98%. Casinos will not advertise which machines have the highest payback, but it will not be hard to find those slots on the casino floor: find the slots machines that are very popular with the die-hard players.