Slot Machines Bring in Wealth at Least Effort

Ever wonder why slot machines are always found in every casino in the world? With the recent technology, makers of these machines can make it less noisy. How come they retain all the noise and bustle associated with slot machines?

For one the sound created from the tingling of the machines and the sound from the tokens and coins from the box usually draws a player to the sound and is one that sticks in their memeories.

Even in his sleep he could be hearing the sound emanating from the machine. He then associates the sound with the wealth or the pouring tokens and coins after a jackpot.

At the Paradise Walker Hill Casino in Seoul, South Korea, the most modern and technologically advanced slot machines are found there. There is the reel and video machines that run for any denomination. Other machines include three-coin, single-line, three-line, Jacks or Better and Joker's Wild video poker.

It has also 12 IGT progressive jackpot slot machines, Paraside Jackpot, starting at $1,000.With a single spin with the equivalent of 10 cents you can win the jackpot.

A slot machine at the Paradise Walker Hill casino has 90 percent payback rate and is considered the best in Asia.The efficiency of their slot machines are known worldwide and made the name Paradise Hill Casino respected and popular.

The progressive slot machines can win an average of $20,000 with just a single spin paying a dollar and 50 cents. To play the slot machines there you have to change your dollars to the local currency at the cashier's cage.

Then simply put the coin or bill into the slot intended for the currency or coins and the game begins. You may play one to three coins at a time. The chance of winning gets even larger when you play maximum coins and you may win the jackpot with only three coins--although it is remote.

If you decide to stop playing, all you have to do is collect the coins and change them back into the local currency. You will not be gypped. The payout list is displayed on each machine.

In short, playing with the slot machines could be a short cut to making wealth at least effort and time compared with other casino games.

But the probability of winning is so remote that you better forget the prize. Just enjoy and sound of the tingling of coins coming out from the machines during occasional hits.

In order not to be addictive to the slot machines, vary the machines and better use all the different kinds of machines before settling down to a favorite one who brings you occasional coins.

But, as all house games, all the money belong to the house. So do not expect to be a millionaire. That's only for the casino owners to be millionaires not you.