Tips on Playing Coinless Slot Machines

The coinless slot machine is an innovative version of the slot machines. Instead of inserting a bunch of coins, players can now enjoy these slot machines by using paper bills. This can certainly reduce the need for a player to carry a bunch of heavy coins while lugging around the casino.

As the player inserts a denominated paper bill on the slot, this coinless slot machine stores your credits, which depend on the amount of a paper bill. For instance, if an ordinary spin is equivalent to 50 cents, then a five dollar bill can give the player ten ordinary spins. The number of spins depends on which jackpot amount the player wishes to pursue. Should he or she decide to go for the progressive multi-million dollar jackpot, the machine might require the player to pay more than 50 cents, if that amount is not the minimum.

Now that you know how coinless slot machines basically operate, here are a few tips that you can use while playing this type of slot machines.

Pipe down on the Paper Bills Paper bills have different denominations, and it usually ranges from one to one-thousand. Obviously, you only insert a huge denomination only if you plan to stay very long on a particular machine. However, it is quite useful to break down your cash into smaller bills before you enter a casino. This way, you can always finish the game and leave anytime you want should you refuse to play the game any longer.

Cash the Voucher Immediately Instead of being poured and flooded with coins, the coinless slot machine pops out vouchers that can be redeemed at the casino management. The casino management, in turn, gives the cash amount that the vouchers indicate. It is advisable that you cash the price immediately after you are done with your session, as many vouchers are only valid and redeemable within the day itself.

Keep Your Eye on the Slot There are two things to watch for in a coinless slot machine - -the bill receptor and the voucher slot. A machine's bill receptor might pop out a bill that is crumpled or inserted improperly, and if you are not watching, someone could snatch it away. Second, you might want to watch the voucher slot as soon as you have hit a winning combination to make sure that you receive your winnings.

A coinless slot machine is a pretty good version of the slot machine, as it offers the convenience to players who want no part in carrying buckets of heavy coins. These tips will help you familiarize yourself to this new addition to the wonderful types of the casino slot machines.